Artist Statement

I am a painter, who aspires to master the art of painting. Every image is intended to build onto existing skills, and push the boundaries of what I know. Each piece is worked to its fullest potential; Each additional piece is worked to its fullest potential beyond the last one. Always moving beyond what I know.

I am a painter, who tells stories. Every image tells its own story, and every painting in a group tells an aspect of the story. Colour, edge, light, shadow, subject, object. All aspects within the image represent an idea that I am communicating to the viewer, communicating to you. I am telling you a story in the language that I am mastering, the language of the painter. 

I am a painter, who works from nature. All works are created from live images; still life’s, plain air; city-spaces, landscapes, people, animals. I draw and paint what is there, what I see.

Come on the journey with me, kimmerT, as I embrace life and my art embraces me.